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Housing Compliance

Digital Transformation Specialist

About Us - Our Company

Conscientious, professional, and assessable in everything we do.

A business partnership formed in 2015. DGMConsultancy is a software development, consultant and service provider. A team of professional individuals who skills range from online software development, big data management, Electrical, Gas, Fire, Asbestos, H&S compliance and risk management, mobile application development, data mining and integration, creative UX/UI design.

We are a project led organisation, developing integrated compliant solutions, exclusively for the social housing sector, housing associations and facility management companies.
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Conscientious, professional, and assessable in everything we do.

What We Do

Full circle digital transformation and workplace modernisation of housing compliance. 

At DGMC we’re are about engineering the right culture, business change processes and experiences, that are underpinned; not made by technology. 

With an in-depth understanding of housing compliance DGMC work with our clients to formulate and implement a transformation strategy to collect, ingest, report and audit compliance and risk data. All compliance integrated into one usable platform.

We call it workplace modernisation and with it, we empower our clients to see the bigger picture. 

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Connecting Compliance

Transformation Consultancy

Deploying cloud services is not simply an IT project, but rather a programme that needs to align with the overall business goals and change established behaviour.


Whether it be full circle transformation of all compliance streams or single streams. DGMC work with stakeholders to roadmap and implement complete digital solutions from the scheduling and collection of data from field operatives and contractors via mobile phones and tablets to ingesting, reporting and integrating data into a single expandable compliance management portal.

We work with stakeholders to evaluate and integrate existing legacy systems in thier digital journey. With our blend of strategic advice, change management and solution design, DGMC we’ll take you where you need to go, and then some more.  

Mobile Data Collection

Essential to good compliancy management is the quality of the data collected.

G-DOCS is a native app designed for, but not exclusive to, Social Housing organisations. Housing associations. Facility management companies. It includes a unique set of features designed to enable organisations to collect compliant data from operatives in the field via smart forms. Predesigned sets of Gas (landlord), Electrical (EICR EIC, MW), Fire (PAS79) Asbestos, Legionella and Risk smart reporting forms are individually tailored to client organisations. Collected data is held in one central database and collected by one app, phone or tablet. Data is integrated and accessible from DGMC's GView compliance portal and/or client systems.


Legacy Data and Document Intergration

DGMC's data science and legacy department work with clients to mine, extract, cleanse and audit asset data and historical documentation (Certificates, reports PDF, hand written, MySql) enabling our clients to analyse and understand historic patterns and risk areas. We belive that inorder to report the compliance status of an organisation, it is important to ingest past only then can you begin to plan ahead.


Past projects, DGMC Legacy department have manually read, checked and matched to asset  as much as 48,000 documents in less than 4 weeks.


GView - I ntegrated Compliance Data and Asset Management System 

DGMC's GVIEW is a scalable KPI and compliance data management portal for organisations that need to report and manage property portfolios large or small. Securely hosted in AWS data centre, the application reports on all areas of compliance;






Data ingested from all compliant streams is centralised and simplified to provide stakeholders with insight into compliance and contract performance across all services with real-time visibility of Compliance, Access rates, Fix Rates, Risk levels and department and organisational performance. The application is developed to enable data sharing across legacy applications which produce massive efficiencies in compliance administration. 

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What Our Clients say

DGMC worked with us and co-designed a bespoke system to meet our needs for today and beyond. They listened to our needs, adopted our ideas and turned it into reality.

At AB we believe accuracy and transparency represent quality and responsiveness. With the support of DGMC we have transformed and revolutionised the way we provide electrical compliance. 


Danny Birchall
Electrical Operations Manager

AB Building & Electrical Ltd

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